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If you are someone who is considering bariatric (weight loss) surgery, it is required to attend one of my informational seminars before your initial bariatric consultation.

The simplest way to make an appointment is to call our office during business hours at (703) 709-9771. Heather or Amanda will set up an appointment for you. Alternatively, you can email us at, and we will soon be in touch to arrange your consultation.

You can also arrange an appointment by filling out the form below, if you happen to be browsing somewhere without email capability.

If you want to streamline your visit, fill out our forms before arriving at the office. If you would prefer the convenience of filling them out online, you can find them in the eForms section.

If you like, we will also email the bariatric consultation forms for you to print, and we’re also happy to mail them the old-fashioned way.

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