Bariatric Surgery Nutrition

Nutrition is a big part of living a long and healthy life, with or without bariatric surgery. Nutrition before and after surgery, however, is even more critical in order to optimize your results and ensure that you are getting the proper nutrients immediately following your procedure and for years to come.

One of our program's main goals is to educate patients and prospective patients on the importance of bariatric surgery nutrition, providing effective tools designed to promote healthier eating and a better way of life. Through targeted nutritional counseling, we are able to provide customized support to each and every patient who comes through our doors.
Bariatric surgery is highly influential, requiring significant lifestyle changes in regards to fitness and diet. Many formerly favorite foods are not permitted in a post-surgery diet, and our therapists would like to make this transition as easy as possible.
By eating right and making good nutritional decisions, our patients are able to recover from surgery as quickly as possible and lose weight safely and effectively. Through nutritional counseling, we are able to provide an extra layer of support, both before surgery and after completion of a successful procedure.
We have several key objectives in our nutritional counseling program in order to best provide for our patients in need:
  1. Helping patients to understand how their eating habits affect their weight loss journey
  2. Providing guidance into necessary vitamin and mineral supplementation after surgery
  3. Helping patients understand their fat, carbohydrate, and protein requirements after bariatric surgery
  4. Explaining dietary requirements after surgery, including restrictions and encouraged foods
We work one on one with bariatric nutritionists in numerous locations in Northern Virginia, ensuring proper coverage for our patients across the greater metro area. Adjusting to post-surgical life isn't always easy, but with our help, you'll have the support you need to make the best choices for your health and your new body. We can provide guidance in a many different ways, including meal planning, recipes and cooking, and grocery shopping, ensuring you can easily transition into successful, healthy post-surgical living.
To learn more about bariatric surgery nutrition counseling and weight loss surgery, call us at (703) 709-9771 or visit our Contact Us page for our email address and contact form. Together, we can ensure your tomorrow is as healthy as possible.